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Games by TROLL Members


This game won the 2013 TROLL tournament contest! It placed 1st and made it through the finals! Enter the cute and fun world of GummyBro as he journeys through the four lands to restore peace to the land of the Sweets. Venture through the land of the Sours and defeat their leader to bring the sweet peace back.

Buggy's Adventure

Help a cute little bug name Buggy to his awesome adventure to find the purple flower. It has *2 available episodes(more to come) *15 levels in each episode *1 boss battles in each episode *4 mini games in each episode *shop with cool outfits and stuff(more to come) *secrets *codes *3 available challenges(more to come) and more. Features Drag and Drop. 
*Drag the items that are in the drag box below the screen. You should put them in the right places for Buggy to go to the exit. 
*Press space to start Buggy running. 
_those are just the main instructions, you just have to help Buggy go through the exit but there are more instructions in the game to help you_ 

The TROLL Ordeal

A cutesy-yet-challenging puzzle game, with 40 increasingly testing levels and an integrated level editor. Made by FarfromSleep

Rick's World

 Help Rick save the king's daughters and stop the evil Zogfar from taking over the Blastaway Kingdom. Press space to start the game and F1 to look at game details. Made by Speedygames01

 The TROLL Ordeal

Join Jim and Retroman in a quest to join the sacred organization of TROLL. But first, they must pass an ordeal made up of several of Yoyogames' finest characters, including Trollsplatterer and Rick! Made by AWZEntertainment


In this game, you have to steer a ball thru a maze, but not by the usual way.
To steer the ball, you have to rotate the maze !
It's inspired by Cameltry and it's a remake of my game Rotator.
-25 levels
-100 gems to find
-Stat tracking
-Customisable controls
-Gamepad supported (but cannot be configured)
-Mod music by Liam the Lemming. 

Made by MLG76Retro


Enter the Lazer Zone, the lair of Tizar and his army of machines. This game NEVER ends. Made by NukeOTron

 World of Pain
Welcome to world of Pain demo v1.5! A huge update, including 3 challenges, one chapter, one modemadness, and one Elite Mission! Next up date will be here shortly! There's also 7 insane weapons made by me! 1-7. For more info go to the help section of the game! Made by Stricly Legit

Mush Wars

In this story rounded action FPS, reclaim the Candy Nation from the Red military! Enjoy a ton of epic gameplay in two game modes with two ways to play! Crush the Red military in an exhilarating Campaign or hone your ownage skills in Battle Mode! Made by  effnuts25 

Eggknight Adventure

A big retro-styled platformer with 15 levels within 4 worlds, many secret warp zones, 4 boss battles and extra unlockables game modes. Help Eggknight in his quest to restore world's colors until it's too late ! Made by MLG76Retro 

Mark Adventures 2

The game that won the 2nd TROLL contest. Made by Markster GamesMark is back, and so is Cody, but this time he's trying to depopulate the world, Cody is back and he will stop at nothing to destroy the planet, Mark, Steven, and Wendy are on an adventure to stop him, can you stop the world from nuclear disaster?

Space Glow 

The game that won the first ever TROLL contest. Made by the PC007

Welcome to Space Glow! In this game you have to avoid walls while collecting coins. Sounds easy, eh? It's simple, but not easy. Features Level Editor and Level Generator with online highscores. Get on the top of the online highscores! 




Press help in menu before play !!! This is a puzzle game.You should use your brain and perception abilities to pass maps. Made by  alperyarali