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By being active and helping around the community and yoyo games sandbox you can earn Spielpoints from Speedy, the Moderators, or other high level members with large points. You can also lose points for poor conduct. Getting into negative points means having your account limited. By getting many points you can get rewards like added content in gamespiel created games, promotions for any of your games or even having a sandbox moderator play your games.

1 point for writing a constructive comment on someones game

5 points for writing a well written review

you can PM me yourself on here or sandbox and send me the link to your review/comment 

By helping out around here and sandbox one of us might give you points 

The mods and me can give out points anytime but don't ask them to give you points because you'll lose them instead. Also do not comment in the comment box below, that is only for me and the mods. If you do you will lose points

Here are the latest yoyo points standings. (updated weekly- as of 1/4/14)
1. Speedygames01: 3000 points

2.  Ultribit/ Donutz Arcade : 1510 points

3. Proximity Games : 1500 points

4.  If you reach over 150 points then you have gained the ability to give out points or take away.

5.  AVCB_02 STUDIOS: 104 points

6.  3 Wii: 20 points

7. ButzFartz/ AJtheprogrammer/ alperyarali1/ Therm/ Markster Games  : 10 points

8.  Choke On Blood: 5 points

Unkown/last:  Dandysius,  GMEngineer,  Samuel Venable,  rorogames,   TheGameDesigner,  Leonardo AƱez Vladimirovna,  Jonah The Hedgehog,  [email protected]buu342,  Krutor Peo,  Alibaba994,  BarryTheBlueBlob,  Nedx116,  Mike204,  P.E.Corin,  TheSpaceman,  YT*Peachy,  TROLL Man,  farfromsleep,  firedgriffin,  MrSilentWho,  youngRPGmaster,  nowxorxnever,  EpicCharizard09,  DUSOFT,  NewGamesTeam,  supersmash64, Rstudio,  NukeOTron,  Pokecraft,  Elvis,  Piyush Studio,  Gameactive,  DanielMichael,  KFG,  Alpha13 ,  JomasterII,  Majora,  Pantomorphic,  captainduckgames,  Flytrap Studios,  Novak,  Codehypo,  ThePC007,  Alaxend0l,  MAAR0,  Roosterninja Games,  TOT COMICSAdamToensing,  Tonaxian,  theweirdn8,  Remion17,  Game computer,  Kat Hunter,  Kat Hunter,  micAh13,  Bruce Collins,

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